Questioning the Cogency of Drug Therapy

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I. Introduction

Prescription drugs and their harmful effects are not a new occurrence. Heroin was first introduced as a non-addicting cough medicine in 1898. Time progresses and knowledge matures. Heroin was quickly discovered to be harmful, as well as the most addicting drug to date. Doctors in that time period stopped prescribing heroin, because of the harmful nature. Yet doctors in this day still prescribe drugs with endless lists of side effects. The bulk of our society, nearly 70 percent, takes at least one prescription drug (“Study”).

An article compiled by Worst Pills, a website specializing in describing prescription drugs, presented may statistics about prescribed medications. Prescriptions can be extremely beneficial in cases, “[b]ut hundreds of millions of these prescriptions are wrong, either entirely unnecessary or unnecessarily dangerous” (“Misprescribing”). This was exemplified in a study “of such inappropriate prescribing in older patients found that 21.3% of community-dwelling patients 65 years or older were using at least one drug inappropriately prescribed” (“Misprescribing”). 1.5 million people are hospitalized, per year, from an adverse reaction to a drug that should not have been prescribed in the first place (“Misprescribing”). This article varies from the rest, because of the overview. While most others focus in on the over prescription of antidepressants, opioids, antibiotics, and ADHD medication, this article provides statistics about everything.

Johnathan Rottenberg, Ph.D. released a piece of writing to Psychology Today about the over prescription of antidepressants. Antidepressants are notoriously known to have the contradictory result: increased suicide risk. A study showed that “antidepressants ...

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