Question and Anwer Essay on Inequality

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1. Compare and contrast the three theories of marriage: Protection, Exploitation, and Cooperation.
The protection of theory marriage states men were the provider and women the keeper. This theory is similar to man the hunter and woman the gather. In all meaning women would “exchange sexual access for meat in which the man provided” (Ryle 2012:323). Women would also provide nuts and berries for the exchange. The women had a role in that they gathered food for the group. Men, on the other hand just hunted large animals. The marriage bonded two people together for the sake of a group, I believe. The protection of marriage is two people contributing themselves for the sharing and exchanging of food for the survival of a group. The exploitation theory of marriage states men view and marriage women according to the roles they possess and the potential power over them. Women reproduce and give birth to children as well as caring for the group, a family. They also have knowledge on plant life and agriculture. Men viewed this as an opportunity to gain control over the women and saw the...

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