Quest Contributions Made by Greek Hero’s Leading Ladies

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Leading ladies in Greek mythology heroes make a significant contribution to their quests, both positively and negatively. In the story “Perseus”, his leading lady Andromeda delays his completion of his quest to bring Medusa’s head back to Polydectes. However, through this, Perseus finds his true love. Next, Hercules has a life full of trouble all because of Hera’s hatred towards him, leading him to his well-known twelve labours. Finally, when Theseus’s quest of killing the Minotaur presents itself, Ariadne aids him with his essential tool, a ball of string, but creates trouble for Theseus later. These stories prove that the heroes in Greek mythology have contributions made to their quest by their leading ladies. Andromeda is saved by Perseus front a sea serpent, delaying Perseus’s completion of his quest in “Perseus and Medusa”. “Perseus landed beside her… Helmet of Invisibility” (Creighton, 93) As said in the quote, when Perseus sees Andromeda on his way home, he offers to help slay the sea serpent that is endangering Andromeda’s life. This extra stop during Perseus’s journey puts a pause to Perseus’s journey to present Polydectes with Medusa’s head and put himself in more danger. However something good did come out of this. “Perseus asked for … given so willingly.” (Creighton, 93) Through Perseus saving Andromeda’s life, he receives the pleasure of being able call Andromeda his wife. Andromeda’s contributions to Perseus’s quest affected him both positively and negatively because even though she delays him from finishing his quest, Perseus receives his one true love. Like most cases in Greek myth, Andromeda plays a small role in this story compared to the bigger picture of Perseus’s quest. This being said though, Perseus’s rewa... ... middle of paper ... ...r. Therefore, with a grieving heart, Theseus becomes the new King of Athens. Ariadne proves to contribute to Theseus’s quest first positively, but then negatively when Theseus loses her trust. In conclusion, no matter how big or small, positive or negative, contributions are made by the hero’s leading lady regarding their quest. Perseus’s leading lady Andromeda contributes both positively and negatively to Perseus’s quest. Hera, the leading lady in Hercules’s story makes a negative contribution to Hercules quest affecting him greatly. Finally Theseus’s leading lady Ariadne make both positive and negative contributions regarding Theseus’s quest. All three of these stories also prove how small women’s’ roles are in Greek mythology and how little they are valued in Greek society. Overall, leading ladies in Greek mythology contribute immensely to the hero’s quests.

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