Queen Victoria

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During the late 1800s, Great Britain flourished. It was a time of innovation and progress, directed by the leadership of Queen Victoria. Her limited political power allowed Victoria to have a tremendous positive effect on the British Empire. She helped spread and popularize new technology by using it herself and supporting it financially. She used her limited power to avoid conflicts and wars and was seen as a relatable figure due to her middle class values. Queen Victoria had her first encounter with new technology during February 1837 while visiting her uncle. She became fascinated by the newly invented railway trains that were powered by steam. In 1840, her husband, Prince Albert, had a carriage constructed for Victoria and the two travelled from Windsor to London in it. 1 Seeing their monarchs travel the railway trains reassured people of their safety and caused many people to try them out of curiosity. Prince Albert was fascinated by technology, which influenced Victoria greatly. In the late 1840s, he dreamed of creating a place where new technology and arts from around t...

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