Queen Elizabeth Symbolism

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Queen Elizabeth is known as one of the most brilliant and powerful rulers of England. It is from numerous written accounts of her coming to power and being a ruler, as well as the pictures of her in her reign that allows for there to be a compelling visual of a strong leader to be placed in one’s mind when reflecting on Queen Elizabeth. As a result of being exposed to these documents and pictures anyone can see Elizabeth as a strong ruler. However, this strong visualization is not by chance, it is instead the manipulation of the art and articles to specifically communicate that Elizabeth, while being both a female and a protestant, is nonetheless a worthy ruler favored by God. With the proper use of symbolism and the knowledge of how to positively…show more content…
To help defend herself as a woman leader Queen Elizabeth plainly depicts herself in regal fashion and at the same time unabashedly shows that she is still womanly. In the picture “Elizabeth I as Warrior Queen” it depicts Queen Elizabeth in war with the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth is directly in the battle field which can be quickly assessed by all that is surrounding her. The viewer can tell that she is playing an active role in the battle since her attire portrays her as a warrior. With her shield, sword, and lance being wielded without a hint of trepidation on her person, her face calm and collected even with all the warfare encompassing her, and her entire body draped in armor she represents the kingly general most desired in battle. She embodies the fearless soldier she helps lead and professes herself as the noble King that her people deserve, “I myself will venture my royal blood; I myself will be your general, judge, and rewarder of your virtue in the field.” Also, it is not to be missed that she is riding a horse, to be able to ride a horse showed how powerful one is from having control over such a strong and graceful animal, but what is instead to be noticed is the position of Elizabeth sitting on the horse. Elizabeth sits on the side of the horse, what is the well understood fact as the way…show more content…
One is able to notice that in the picture the clouds part to not only shine upon Elizabeth when in battle but to cover the Spanish Armada’s fleet with dark clouds, as if alluding to what will transpire and who will be the true champion in the battle. In the actual battle with the Spanish Armada the entire Spanish fleet is destroyed by the turbulent seas, this was seen as God crushing the Spanish through nature and overall showing that God favored the protestant England over the catholic Spain. This battle would prove to the world that God favored England ruled by Elizabeth by granting her victory in her efforts against her enemies. It could also be said where the horse is crushing the demon while Elizabeth is simultaneously saving Truth that a protestant ruler fights for truth against evil. It can be clearly understood that protestantism is the preferred religion by God and moreover Elizabeth is the chosen ruler of

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