Queen Elizabeth I : Her Mark On The World

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Queen Elizabeth I: her Mark on the World Ruler of the Golden Age, heroine of the Protestant cause, the Virgin Queen; England’s final leader of the Tudor monarchy can be acclaimed as one of the most influential rulers. Queen Elizabeth I’s reign flourished in the arts, witnessing the birth of the talented William Shakespeare whom she greatly supported. Furthermore, women of the Golden Age went through dangerous lengths to achieve Queen Elizabeth I’s trademark of a pale complexion and fiery red tresses. Also during her period of influence, England underwent the change of religion from Catholicism to Protestantism. Given these points, Queen Elizabeth I, a distinguished British monarch, influenced the world of art, fashion and religion within England. Particularly literature, art, music ,and theatre were all influenced by the Queen’s image, the actions she took, and the atmosphere of the royal court she cherished so very much. (SparkNotes Editors.) The Queen loved portraits, and similarly the artists loved to honor her with them. In fact, there are more portraits painted of Queen Elizabeth I than any other English monarch. ( Ducksters, “Biography: Queen Elizabeth I for Kids.”) "Artists also promoted Elizabeth in all her bejeweled glamour, surrounded by a glittering court full of lusty young men whose dauntless deeds she inspired." (Lewis, Brenda Ralph.) Regarding Queen Elizabeth I’s influence on theatre, she patronized theatre and often times watched Shakespeare’s plays or the theatre group would perform for her. Poets, playwrights, painters, propagandists, and ballad-makers all conspired to intensify the image of Elizabeth as "Gloriana," the Virgin Queen or the "Faerie Queene" names given by the famous poet, Edmund Spenser. (Lew... ... middle of paper ... ...ts also exposed her alabaster complexion that influenced many women attempted to achieve through dangerous measures. Aside from the Virgin Queen 's influence on art and fashion in England, she was a great politician from the very beginning of her reign. Following her Roman Catholic half-sister Mary in Tudor monarchy, Elizabeth 's practice of Protestantism changed England forever. Her influence of Protestantism revived the Church of England and created a common prayer book. The switch to Protestantism also entered England into war to support the Protestant revolt against Spain, leading to the defeat of the Spanish Armada. Given all of these points, one can conclude that the last of the Tudor monarchy, Queen Elizabeth I, has influenced the world of art, fashion, and religion within England. One can even say that Queen Elizabeth I has truly left her mark on the world.

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