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skill warriors of their time. It was a well-organized and efficient army due to many of the army’s leaders that reformed the army into one of history’s greatest army that was never matched (Roman Military).
The Roman army didn’t start off as the great as people might have known it to been. At the beginning the Roman army consisted of farmers that worked in the army during the summer (The Roman Army of the Roman Republic). A Roman general and consul, Marius, is responsible for changing the army into its professional form. The poor had a chance to be in the military, veterans received land, and changed the organization of the Roman legion (The Roman Army). The Roman military was the most powerful and successful in the history of armies, it dominated the western world for over a thousand years. Their size, force, and organization could never be beat. The soldiers of the Roman army believed that they were the sons of the war god Mars, and they were exceptional at the art of war. The Roman Empire was able to grow so large due to an unmatched ruthless military might and a determined population (Roman Military).
A military leader named Augustus led the army which consisted of 25 legions, in which each legion consisted of 6000 men (The Roman Army of the Roman Republic). Before he toke power many people made reforms to the army like Marius and Scipio who laid the foundation for Augustus extended the service time for a solider from six to twenty five years to have a sustaining military (The Roman Army). Between Augustus and Trojan the Roman army perhaps reached its height. Through the years the army had to make changes through civil wars and invading barbarians. These changes and being defeated by barbarians led to the downfall to the gr...

... middle of paper ... Army vanished then the Empire fell the army was known as one of the greatest militaries in history. The roman army can never be matched.

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