Queen Elizabeth

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“We wanted a boy, she is not what we wanted”. Imagine hearing these words come from a parents mouth, especially a fathers. Generally fathers are to favorite daughters more than sons, and mothers favorite sons more that daughters. However, on the afternoon of September 7th 1533, those were the words and thoughts that were heard as a princess, and future queen was born to King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn. It appears that even in the 1500's oppression against women was evident. Women throughout the years have never been equal with men. Men in Elizabeth's day were seen as the most suitable heirs to the throne (Watkins).

Three days after the birth of the future queen of England, she was Christened Elizabeth. What should have been the most joyous day for the child’s parents was not. The King needed a son to secure the future of England, and Anne needed a son to make sure she was not executed. The only person not present at the christening ceremony was the father, King Henry. He could not bring himself to attend the ceremony, because he had gone against his countries religion and values and married Anne Boleyn, without divorcing his first wife Katherine of Argon. He left Katherine because she was unable to produce in the King's eyes a suitable heir to the throne, which would have been a male, instead Katherine had a little girl, Mary, who would be Elizabeth's half sister. Very quickly after Elizabeth was born, Anne was pregnant once more. On January 29th 1536 she finally had the son that the King so longed for, unfortunately the child was still born. King Henry at this time was tired of Anne, so he falsely accused her of adultery and incest. On May 19th 1536 she was beheaded on the Tower Green.

After Anne's death Mary and Elizabeth were declared illegitimate by Parliament as future heirs to the throne. Not long after the execution of Elizabeth's mother, King Henry married again. This time he married Jane Seymour, and on October 12th 1537 his wish of finally having a son came true, Prince Edward was born. Unfortunately Prince Edwards mother died shortly after he was born on October 24th . On January 6th 1540 King Henry married Anne of Cleves.

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