Queen Elizabeth 1 Essay

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From the ancient pharaohs of Egypt to the modern day presidents and prime ministers, people leading civilizations have always held a great deal of power. Being in charge of a nation comes with immense responsibilities, however it also comes with goals. Many rulers have the same ultimate goal: to make such a positive impact on a nation that they will be remembered long after they are gone. Some accomplish this through good decisions and effective leadership, some are remembered for scandal, and others are remembered for sheer stupidity. However there are not many rulers that are as well remembered as Queen Elizabeth I of England. She is known as one of the first female rulers to rule effectively for an extensive period of time, but there is much more to remember her for. Elizabeth led the country out of a crumbling economy and a failing ability to keep up with other leading European nations. After Elizabeth’s nearly fifty-year rule, the country was once again not only a strong foreign power but also had a greatly expanded economy (Axelrod xi). Elizabeth’s reign had a positive impact on the country because of her advanced intelligence which used to pull England ahead of other leading European Nations, her upbringing within the court, her alterations of outdated traditions, and the loyalty she maintained from her subjects. The main factor that made Elizabeth such a capable ruler was her intelligence. From a young age she received a superior education, typical of princes and other very wealthy boys. She learned multiple languages, how to analyze politics and historic events, as well as proper grammar. All of these led to Elizabeth conducting herself appropriately with foreign advisors and communicating easily with her subjects. Thoug... ... middle of paper ... ...n the arts during the “Elizabethan age”. She also led the country in defeating the Spanish Armada, one of the country’s best military achievements. The country was once again a strong nation and regained credibility as a forceful European power under Elizabeth’s rule (Great Women Rulers 2). Elizabeth left behind an enormous legacy, as well as multiple titles. To this day Elizabeth is looked to as a powerful female leader and role model as well as one of England’s greatest rulers. The love and respect for Elizabeth has withstood the test of time, and she will be looked to as a positive example for many years to come. Over 400 years have passed since Elizabeth’s rule ended in 1603, and yet her rule is still talked about and observed by many. While England has changed and evolved over the past 400 years, the effect of Queen Elizabeth I’s rule can never be overlooked.
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