Quantum Computing Essay

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Quantum Computing based Technique for Cancer Disease Detection System Introduction Present era is the modern era dedicated to Science and Technology, as science improves itself with time, human race losses his tolerance for various diseases and changing life style and environment make the condition worst than ever. As the history depict we never loses hope and same thing happens in present scenario. Cancer is one of the most devastating disease faces by human kind and with time we are getting different diagnosis and detection technology in this regard which creates a platform for better cure. In the same path we use Classical computing as a faster tool over analysis by hand and other tools, but as it also takes more time in compare to more advance Quantum Computing so, here an ample scope is available with the researchers to do some work in this regard. In following few pages I will try to elaborate such things which may be a boon in the field of medicine in near future. The detection technique which is used in following work is a collaboration of Quantum Computing and Clustering Techniques. Quantum computing is a multidisciplinary research area bringing together ideas from - Information theory, - Computer science, - Mathematics, and - Quantum physics. 1.1 Quantum Mechanics Quantum mechanics is a set of rules or mathematics framework for the construction of physical theories. For example, the quantum electrodynamics which describes with fantastic accuracy the interaction of atoms and light. 1.2 Quantum Computing Quantum computing is essentially harness sing and exploiting the amazing laws of quantum mechanics to process information. The key to improving computer performance has been the reduction of size in the transi... ... middle of paper ... ...e states at the same time. • Quantum computing can perform calculations on all superposition states at once. • It will be able to perform any task that a classical computer can. • Could process massive amounts of complex data. • Ability to solve scientific and commercial problems. • Process data with a much faster speed. • Capability to convey more accurate answers. 1.7 Challenges The following changes are found for disease detection system is to commence. • Correlate the quantum computing with the cancer disease detection. • To timely diagnose the accurate data. • Process data in much faster speed. • Cancer is not only a disease but actually a syndrome so, the data collected from a single factor may be found wrong. In this regard collection of data from different factors and their interpretation simultaneously for getting a more accurate result is necessary.
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