Quantitative and Quality Research

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Research roughly divides into two kinds: qualitative research and quantitative research. Quantitative and qualitative data are the two huge types of statistical data.We can make use of choosing both methods one after another, economic or time moderation may not accept us to opt for both. In such situation, comparison between the both can help in making choice. Qualitative Research: It is about exploring questions or problems, gathering some information and recognising the phenomena.This type of research most often used in major fields like humanities , sociology and anthropology, each of these fields studied by qualitative research as well.Collection of data and analysing it in a proper way is also consider as qualitative research. Qualitative researchers intend is to collect an in depth recognisation of human behaviour and the expalnation that rule such activities.It can be used in different hypothesis.And it does not essentially indicate allgorical. It is very controlled ,exact approach to research.Different research methods like data collection methods can replace this qualitative research.There are some other important qualitative research types we can discuss 1. Ethnography 2. Grounded Theory 3. Phenomenology 4. Case Study 1. Ethnography: It mainly concentrates on the concept of the culture as it has its roots from Anthropology.There are two sub-divisions in this . (a) Ethnology: The balance study of cultural organs and comparison among them. (b) Ethnohistory: The study of a particular part of the culture. 2. Grounded Theory: In this some questions arises about what theory appears from an analysis of data gathered about the phenomenon.IT is also refers to the previous analysis and tells about how and why we operated them.T... ... middle of paper ... ...es, counting them and to observe. 2. The researcher in Qualitative research doesn't know clearly what he is looking for. And in the Quantitative research, the researcher will be very clear about what he is looking for. 3. Qualitative research is useful in the pre-stages of the project and the Quantitative research is used in the post-stages of the project. 4. In the qualitative research, the researcher acts as the gathering instrument. But, in the Quantitative research, the researcher will have tools and equipment to gather dat. 5. The information in the Qualitative research is in the form of words, pictures and objects where as it is in the form of numbers and statistics in the Quantitative research. 6. The researcher in the Qualitative research will be involved in the subject matter and the researcher will be avoided from the subject matter in the Quantitative
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