Quantitative Research Questionnaire

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1. Introduction Research skill module is aimed to learn how to conduct the effective research. In this time, it is required to take place the questionnaire. Questionnaire is classified as quantitative research as opposed to the interview from qualitative research.
2. Questionnaire as a data collection tool The definition and the aim of quantitative research is gathering the information from many individuals so that it has the ability to make generalisation (Ranjit Kumar, 2014). Compared with qualitative research (interview), it might not take a long time to gather all the sample, as researcher conduct it at the same time if they wish. In addition, it might not make respondents really tired, compared with the interview. As the term mentions,
Compared with interview, it is easy to gather data in terms of the time to correct them, the time for making well-structured questionnaire is required though. Another strength of questionnaire is easy to analyse, because there are already formats and giving same questions to all the respondents.
2.2 Potential threats or weaknesses
One of the weaknesses of quantitative research is limitation of in-depth analysis (Ranjit Kumar, 2014). The reason behind this idea is limited numbers of question can be provided in the questionnaire. Compared with interview, unless it is structured interview, interviewer can ask whatever they want in response to the situation. However, it is impossible for the questionnaire, as the same paper will be given to all the respondents to keep fairness. Therefore, it tends to be difficult to comprehensive all the potential matters. 3. Using Questionnaire as a Data Collection Method
3.1 Designing the questionnaire
3.1.1 The questionnaire
Findings and Discussion
Fortunately, 60% of participants have voted before and 76% of them like to know about government and politics, which are quite helpful for the research. There is an interesting finding, which could be the answer for one of the research questions; “What could be done for the students to be encouraged to join in politics?” While 76% of people did not study politics compulsory in school, 48% of them agreed (disagree: 24%)that students should study politics compulsory in school. It shows that people think studying politics compulsory in school would help students. Therefore, it could one of the possible solution for one of the research questions.
5. Summary
Quantitative research is more focus on the number of participants, therefore it is easy to analyse the variety of data, which is interesting to see. Overall, the important lesson and required improvement for my research skill is specificity, though still there are interesting findings.
6. References
Kumar, R. and Kumar, P.K. (2014) Research methodology: A step-by-step guide for beginners. 4th edn. London: SAGE

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that quantitative research is structured, rigid, predetermined methodology, and the main focus of each inquiry.
  • Explains the strengths of quantitative researches, stating that it is easy to gather data in terms of time to correct them, but a well-structured questionnaire is required.
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