Quantitative Research Methodology of ABC Kitchens

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In this memo I will discuss the quantitative research techniques for ABC kitchens, the information which the statistics will provide for ABC Complete kitchens and I will define the management information systems in the place which can provide the productivity data required.
ABC Complete kitchens is right now extremely competitive and really active. Its technological advancement is a really important component of the current business environment. The information management system, decision support system and the e-business objective are few technologies which are used by the firm (Decision Support Systems, 2010). The information system of the firm refers to managing any type of the info inside the firm with the help of effective technology which varies according to the whole industry. Thus, management of the info helps the firm to develop and improve the decision making process.
The management system provides valuable info to the users so as to update their database effectively with a current and accurate status of the operations. It also offers a diverse e-business option which can increase the effectiveness of the info for the company. This system is also important in order to enhance the effectiveness of the firm in its technological development.
With the help of this info the employees can obtain the data, they can analyze it and can send it to the people they want in the firm effectively. It is an effective tool to establish any type of procedure and can also regulate the activities which occur in the firm. Thus, it is an effective tool so as to establish a procedure and can regulate all the activities which occur in the firm. The management of the firm also requires the information m...

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...sful and to make it a household name. The management system is a great way to make the firm efficient in its operations with the quick and stored information about all the important aspects of the business and hence the work can be done within a second with a click of a button. It is a great thing to do by ABC Complete Kitchens.

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