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This study was based on inputs from other communication scholars as well as hands on research done by Golish (1999). The results of the study showed that the type of turning point that happens in a child's life as they are growing up usually determines their feelings for their parents when they become adults. By writing this paper, the research criteria as well as the methods used in the study will be examined and interpreted. The research criteria used were: 1) significance of the research question; 2) replication ability of the study; 3) adequacy of literature review; and 4) reliability of the research. Defining Research Criteria As said previously, the effectiveness of the chosen study, involving the closeness of adult children to their parents, can be interpreted using four specific research criteria. Significance of the research questions In order for a study to be effective and useful, the research questions must be significant. This implies that the questions are posed because there is either limited or unclear information on the subject matter. The first research question was "what turning points characterize changes in closeness throughout the history of parent-child relationships" (Golish, 1999)? This is a very valid question because it seeks to put an identity with things that may have caused changes in the relationship. The second question was "are the types of turning points different for mother-child relationships than for father-child relationships" (Golish, 1999)? This too is an important question that can explain why certain things affect males more or less than they do females. The last question was "what patterns of changes in closeness characterize parent-child relationships over time" (Golish, 1999)? The only difference in this question and the first question is that it is asking for patterns, whereas the first question was asking for specific turning points. All of these turning points can usually be put into categories and a pattern can be distinguished, so this question could have very well been eliminated. Overall, the research question set out with a clear goal in mind. They were trying to determine what happens over the course of a child's life that may affect their bond with their parent(s). All three of the questions were answered when the study was completed, even if they were a bit redundant in nature and cause. Replication ability of the article In order for a study to be effective, it must have the ability to be replicated by someone else.
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