Quantitative-Qualitative Distinction: Two Stages Of Research Process

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Stages of Research Process Article 1 Title: Beyond the Qualitative – Quantitative Distinction: Some Innovative Methods for Business and Management Research Purpose of the Research The article entitled “Beyond Qualitative – Quantitative Distinction: Some Innovative Methods for Business and Management Research” focuses on the mixed methods of research that applies to a number of popular approaches that simply exceed the quantitative – qualitative differences. In business and management researches, the mixed method designs provide sophisticated ideas with potential benefits for the research itself. The entire content of the article demonstrates the appropriateness, especially in the integrated mixed methods with objectives presented. Its primary…show more content…
Variables The mixed methods research serves as the independent variables; it allows the various ideas with rich results. It offers wide opportunity to accomplish proper understanding in the case of qualitative or quantitative methods (Krivokapic-Skoko & O 'Neill, 2011). The researchers or students are the dependent variables to gain much intellect from the multiple sources available; it provides useful and direct knowledge that pertains to the methods utilized by the researchers in business and management research. Article 2 Title: Combined Qualitative and Quantitative Research Designs Purpose of the…show more content…
Particularly, the methods focus in the evaluation of the different interventions and its development. The qualitative methods are useful to the development of its quantitative tools and the quantitative research informs qualitative research. The method that complements and explains a primary qualitative data is the quantitative method. Both the qualitative and quantitative methods have equal and parallel intensity. In addition, it reviews the studies that are published with combined approaches in qualitative and quantitative researches. The mixed methods resonate with the complexity of the palliative care that ventures in the research and the employed applications necessary. The research involves the data collection and analysis with integrated finding using qualitative and quantitative approaches. It is recommended that both approaches should develop and evaluate the complex interventions necessary for the palliative care research. Overall, the research requires deep understanding of the research processes and its perspective. Research Questions After a thorough reading, the research questions focused on: Are the palliative care researchers needing innovations or creative approaches in the current generation of researches? Do the multi-dimensional scopes of the increasingly diverse and dispersed nature

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