Quantas Airline Crews are Ambassadors of the Sky

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• Recognised brand - Australia’s premium airline with the flying kangaroo on a red background is recognised the world over for excellent service and professional cabin crew. The Qantas cabin crew are the global ambassadors for the Qantas brand who communicate Qantas culture and values whenever they interact with passengers.

• Domestic market share - Qantas currently holds a 65% share of the domestic market, with 85% of the corporate travel market (Freed, 2014).

• Innovative - leading the way in the research and development of advanced technologies such as the Next Generation Check-In (NGCI) system and on-board wireless streaming for Ipads are two examples (AusIndustry, 2013) Strong government backing – The government have recently formed a committee to examine what initiatives “can be taken by the federal government” to ensure Qantas “remains a strong national carrier” (Klan, 2014)

• Emirates Partnership - The 2013 partnership with Emirates provides the opportunity to access highly lucrative international routes via flights based out of the Emirates’ Dubai hub, and enables Qantas to extend its product offering into Europe, the Middle East and North Africa (Q AR 2013)

• One of the world’s oldest airlines

• Great safety record – Fatality free and rated 7/7 on respected ‘’.

• Frequent flyer program – As cited in the Australian Business Traveller, Some analysts (O'Shea, 2014) believe that as a stand-alone business, Qantas Frequent Flyer would be valued at “somewhere in the $1.5 billion to $2.5 billion range”.

• Dwindling International market share – A report published by the Australian government (BITRE, 2013) shows Qantas incurred nearly a 1% drop last year in non-domestic passenger ...

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