Quality Nursing Care

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Quality of care within health organizations
Patients in health institutions not only need a comfortable environment, but they also require safe and quality nursing care. Indeed, research has shown that improved nursing quality has several health benefits to the patient. According to the American nurses association (2014), quality nursing care is the provision of an outstanding and efficient service to the patients. Safe and quality care can be accorded through employing of qualified staff, proper motivation of nurses, staff knowledge development, and also proper co-ordination and management of the nurses in the institution (Hoeman, 2002). In addition, the use of process and outcome data could be essential in the enhancement of safe and quality
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It involves the use of qualified and dedicated nursing team who extensively monitors and assesses the patient to ensure quick recovery. Hoeman (2002) stated that safe nursing care involves the use of nursing methods whose aim is to prevent the worsening of a medical condition.
Various medical-researches have linked safe and quality nursing care to faster recovery of patients (ANA, 2014). Therefore, in regards to the patient with colon cancer; a quick recovery would not only lead to minimal medical costs but also result into reduced psychological stress (ANA, 2014). Also, safe and quality care would enable a higher operational efficiency by the health institution hence preventing complaints and law suits caused by patient negligence (Delaney, et. al. 2004). Finally; safe and quality nursing care is beneficial to the economy of the country by ensuring a stable labor force and
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This is because the process and outcome data provides first hand information on experiences of the patients. In regards to the colon cancer patient; this data may avail information such as; the nature of pains that the patient experiences; the overall behavior of the patient, skin assessment, side effects of the medications to the researchers (Reverby, 1987). Hence, the analysis of various process data would enable the nurses to come up with the most effective way of taking care of such patients. Moreover, the process and outcome data would also bring an in depth understanding of the ailment. Jones, (2007) stated that due to documentation of various processes and interventions; the relevant medical practitioners would be able to research further on the illness. This research may involve comparison of various data from different patients hence assist in standardization of several nursing interventions (Stone, & Walker, 2007). In essence this would result in a more safe and quality nursing care to the
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