Qualities of a Leader in Beowulf and Sir Gawain the Green Knight

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A leader in any tale is an exceptional figure, whether good or evil, they also display tremendous strength above all others be it physical, emotional or mental. Their qualities instill in them a reverence that all of their subjects come to realize and respect. The role of leader is usually first assigned to a different character and upon completion of his journey the main character usually becomes the leader or a figure who has the potential to lead others, the leader is usually a well-known, revered, however they are alone, both figuratively and physically. Beowulf written by an unnamed poet has multiple characters that the reader can identify as leaders, one whom is within the first five lines of the text. Shielf Sheafson, is described as the scourge of many tribes becomes the first Cyng of the Danes. In Sir Gawain the Green Knight also written by an unknown author, features many leaders the greatest of which was King Arthur, followed soon by Sir Gawain and the rest of the Knights of the Round Table. Sir Gawain’s trial is actually a journey to test his leadership girls. At the end, he realizes his error and becomes the leader figure he should be. Finally, Paradise Lost written by John Milton features two leaders, Lucifer and God, though each relies on either end of the section they both in body characteristics of a leader. The leader figure through time has many of the same traits. Each leader carries with them a particular set of characteristics that make them a leader usually through a sacrificing something, there is also a sense of reverence, omnipotence, and solitude.
Beowulf is an epic poem, about the life of a central character Beowulf who fights many monsters such as Grendel, his Mother and a Dragon; however he also fig...

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...otent his throne was still shook by Lucifer’s attempt at the throne. Lucifer and God are both alone in power once they were close, Lucifer more powerful than all other angels rose in the chain to be just under God. Now however he was just above the humans, trapped in Hell, mentally, he could never forget Heaven and the joy he felt that he could no longer experience.
Each leading figure in Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Paradise Lost possessed qualities that made them leader worthy each made some sort of sacrifice, their near omnipotent strength, they were revered by all in the land, and they were alone. Each work imbues into its leaders these qualities, to place them above all others and show the ideal leading figure, perhaps in attempt to show readers how they themselves should behave if they wish for a chance to become as great as these characters.
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