Qualitative Research In Quantitative Research

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Social research is changing and opening its doors towards methodological strategies that are more open minded. These new strategies are becoming useful aides in scientific enhancement of knowledge. While research methodologies are evolving, there still exists hostility between research methods such as qualitative research, quantitative research, and mixed methods (Johnson & Christensen, 2008).
Qualitative methods have increased popularity over the past years along with new theoretical trends. This may have to do with paradigm shifts in our society that are causing more of a constructionist approach. This paper will further discuss its interest in qualitative studies along with validity and reliability issues in qualitative research.
What is Qualitative Research?
Applied social sciences have taken an increased interest in qualitative research due to many factors. One of the factors includes the constant association with people’s lives. Interest in improving and gaining knowledge of a specific situation through one’s practice will lead into researchable questions pertaining to qualitative research. Qualitative research design allows the research to further discover, understand, and insight perspectives of the subjects being studied. According to Jackson, Drummond, and Camara (2007), there are four characteristics that best defines the understanding of qualitative research. They are the following: focus, researcher, inductive process, and descriptive product.
Central debates found in qualitative research are the issues of reliability and validity. Unlike quantitative studies, which provide statistical evidence as a method to ensure reliability and validity, qualitative studies provide a different lens with relation to ...

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...re of a constructionist approach. Validity and reliability is important when conducting a qualitative research. Central debates found in qualitative research are the issues of reliability and validity (Anderson, 2010). A researcher needs to familiarize himself/herself with the multiple lenses, designs, and methods of qualitative research to ensure methods of reliability and validity. Strategies such as triangulation, peer examination, and audit trail will not only help in reliability, but also in credibility.
A researcher needs to familiarize himself/herself with the limitations present in any research, design, and method. This will help the researcher ensure positive possibilities in reliability and validity. It is also important to add the importance of recognizing and becoming aware of philosophical assumptions to help reduce bias throughout the research.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there is not a standard definition for validity. there are many characteristics of validity in qualitative research, such as descriptive, interpretive, theoretical, generalizability, and evaluative.
  • Explains that descriptive validity and credibility refer to data accuracy. the researcher needs to make sure the transcription of the data is accurate and portrays accuracy with the participant’s verbatim.
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