Qualitative Aspects Of Tourism Studies

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The major traditions of society with a qualitative aspect of tourism studies. These traditional societal aspects provide road map to solve the problem in the tourism studies. In the field tourism the development of concept of qualitative sociology was a base for the further tourism studies at the start this millennium century Erik Cohen (1988). The discussion about the tourism as disciplinary or non-disciplinary is very important academically and economically. It is very difficult to study the tourism within specific boundaries and disciplines, but helpful to promote the tourism studies in all over the world. It was also suggested by this study that “knowledge based disciplines are important for the tourism development” (Jafari, 1990:38). More…show more content…
(2006) that tourism is a global phenomenon which has impact on the consumption and production patterns of the society. The strong economic and business factors have impact on the positive performance of the tourism. The concept of marketing the tourist destinations are also significant in the strong economics and business factors. The construction of disciplines is good in social sciences which has positive and growing effects and influences on the tourism industry of a country. Inter-disciplinary tourism (Tim Coles et al., 2006) perspective is enthusiastically focused in the tourism studies. The analysts from different fields are quite interested in the study of tourism. The epistemology space exists within the context of tourism which means that for tourism development it is necessary to know how to do the tourism development? Which factors are important for tourism development? What is the solution of the problems faced by the tourism and to coop these problems? It is necessary to justify all these question marks to develop the tourism in any…show more content…
These techniques are significant to measure the different types of cultural and tourism changes in the society. As these changes often comes from other societies of the world through tourism movements. Julio Aramberri (2001) found that there are majorly three parts of the theoretical tourism studies. In these it includes the guest paradigm, tourist behavior and the attractions of the placing country. This study mainly concentrated on the guest/host paradigm. Modern and postmodern studies on tourism were also objected to elaborate the theoretical traditions in the tourism
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