Qtc Case Study Jorge Rinse

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Jorge did not have any constipation episodes this year. He experienced one episode of diarrhea on 6/8/17 that required the administrator of Immodium 2 mg cap PO once; Miralax was held, then restarted on 09/25/17. NO other GI related symptoms were reported or documented. His bowel elimination at present being treated with Miralax 17 gram orally, High fiber diet, and 2 tbsp. Ground Flaxseeds mixed with food at lunch. Jorge’s last lipid panel test shoed ↓Cholesterol 78 L [112-200] and ↓HDL 35 [>39]. He is currently taking Lovaza 2 gram oral cap twice a day for Dyslipidemia and a statin Lipitor 10 mg PO tab daily at bedtime for ↑ASCVD risk (Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease). His last EKG on 7/20/17 indicated NRS with no acute changes, QTC
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