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Part A Harmony Elementary school is a grade PK-5 public school located in Middletown, New Jersey. However, the pre-k is only for children with disabilities. The kindergarten program is a full day program. Every school is different with their kindergarten program. Village Elementary school, located in Holmdel, New Jersey has A.M. and P.M. Kindergarten sessions. The full day sessions could be a positive for parents who work full time, so they do not need to worry about a babysitter. On the other hand, some parents could feel that their child could not sit and learn in a full day environment in kindergarten. The demographics of Middletown Elementary School tell a lot of interesting information about the school. According to Public School Review, the demographics for Harmony Elementary School include a 14:1 student teacher ratio, which is a little higher than the NJ average which is 13:1 (Home, 2017). The classrooms in the kindergarten section contained a lot of students per every one teacher, which explains why Harmony elementary school has a higher teacher student ratio than the NJ state average There are 502…show more content…
Harmony Elementary school has a 0.24 diversity score, which less than the 0.42 state average (Home, 2017). Of the 502 students attending the school, 87% are white, 8% are Hispanic, 3% are two or more race, 1% are Asian, and 1% are black (Home, 2017). The community impacts the school in many ways. One way being that because of the high white population and low minority population there may not be certain resources available to help struggling minority students. For instance, if a minority student is having trouble understanding the English language their might not be an aid there to help that particular student. Also, minority students can sometimes come from a different background, and are taught differently at home, then what they are taught in school, so it could affect the way that they
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