Pyramids Of Pyramid

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Pyramid is a structure that is usually with four cornered base that transforms into a triangular point. There are three main lonely structured pyramids in Giza which is on the edge of the Sahara Deserts, however there are over seventy pyramids in Egypt .Also these pyramids were not only built as standalone structures, it was also a part of the entire pyramid complex . This essay concentrates on two different types of pyramids which are the "Snofrus Red Pyramid" and "Step Pyramid". This essay will go further and investigate the meaning of these forms for this culture, also to understand the dialogue with the cosmos. The first Egyptian Pyramid shape was first used in ancient Mesopotamia with mud and brick structures which they were called the Ziggurats. Later it was continued to used by the Greeks and Romans. The pyramids were built as a tomb for the pharaoh. It was believed that the pyramid was a place for the spirit of pharaoh to ascent. Also it was believed that the top point of the pyramid was the gate for the soul to travel to after life and also if was chosen to return back to earth. Also they believed that, when people pass away they take everything with them, therefore everything belonging to the deceased was placed in the largely built tomb with the death, so he or her can take their belongings to afterlife. These tombs were built in a way that they line up with certain stars and planets. Mastaba & Step Pyramid The first prototype pyramid was the Mastaba. Mastaba is known as an ''eternal house" and it was the first prototype tomb that was built in Egypt. This tomb is an underground monument covered with a flat roofed struc... ... middle of paper ... ...hamber runs directly under the centre of the pyramid. It is the only pyramid in Egypt to have a floor plan layout that runs through the centre of the structure. The passageway leading to the final chamber origins from the second chamber and it can be accessed by a modern construction staircase; this passageway was around 8 meters high above from the second chamber. They believe that this final chamber is to be the actual burial chamber. This chamber is higher than the rest of the chambers. These significant architectural structures became the most influential figures in history with its mysterious work and effort that is been put in. These pyramids originated as a mastaba to serve a purpose of tomb than the society witnessed it transforming into a pyramid over time, creating a significant piece of architecture.
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