Put 'em Back in the Holster: Why We Need Gun Control

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Gun control activists are lobbying and pushing for a revision of the nation’s gun laws with new legislation trying to pass a new background check law, but it failed to pass early in 2013 due to the National Rifle Association’s ability to present evidence to rebuttal the law and persuade lawmakers otherwise. The United States needs a change in its gun laws; will they help? Many Americans believe stricter laws will hinder dangerous people from owning a gun more or less the statics shows that is not the problem; dangerous individuals obtain their weapons either through a family member or friends. Year after year, it is proven by the series of gun related incidents throughout the United States. Stricter gun laws will stop the violent killing of innocent human beings, by preventing criminals and mentally incompetent individuals from purchasing and possessing firearms.
Many believe the United States should adopt similar gun laws to what the United Kingdom has in place, but due to the cultural differences, these ideals have left lawmakers with questions as to their effectiveness in the United States. After the gun provision passed in 1997, United Kingdom’s homicide rate was 1.24 per 100,000 then 1.43 in 1998. It rose to 2.1 in 2002, but has fallen since to 1.23 as of 2010, these numbers have been reported by the ( (2013). In both the United States and the United Kingdom young adults are disproportionately the victims of gun violence.
Although the punishment for committing an offence with a firearm does not differ from the U.S. to the U.K., simply possessing a handgun in the U.K. will find you facing stiff legal action. Section 5 of the firearms act 1968 prohibits an individual from even possessing and firearms let alon...

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... Times) (2014). Do not allow these innocent individuals deaths go in vain stand up and let your voice be heard, talk to your congressmen about gun reform, stress the issues of stricter gun enforcement “Our voices can make a difference.”

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