Put Preachers in Jail: The Great Awakening in Connecticut

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Put Preachers in Jail: The Great Awakening in Connecticut
The First Great Awakening in the 1740's sparked a revival of religious ideals all over the world and swept through all the American Colonies. The results of the Great Awakening not only brought about great religious revival within the colonies but also established the need for religious rights. The Great Awakening also started a change in the society’s philosophy into a more individual and independent based mindset directly preparing the country for the Revolutionary War. The areas of the country where the Great Awakening affected strongest were the Connecticut Valley and the colony of Massachusetts. The Connecticut Valley was also the area of most radical revivalism and the start of a rebellious mindset within the colonies. The Great Awakening revived the religiously decaying nation by creating new religions and by breaking religious and culture norms. It also brought about "New Lights", new followers of religion who opposed traditional ways and religious practices. Connecticut was the region with the biggest divide between the New Lights and the Old Lights as well. With tensions rising between New Lights and Old Lights in Connecticut conflicts broke out. The conflicts that arose caused many acts to be created by the Connecticut government disallowing preaching in the state by revivalists from other states. The conflicts and issues that arose during the Great Awakening in Connecticut brought light to ideas of rights that eventually made up the foundation of the later American society and brought light upon the unalienable rights of religious freedom. ( The issues present in the New England colonies during the Great Awakening brought about a change of m...

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...d people to strive for rights of religious freedom and the separation of church and state. Connecticut had experienced the most radical Great Awakening repercussions. Connecticut put in place strict laws against preaching in order for the official church to maintain authority. The Old Lights' actions in Connecticut became a drive and a direct example of the responsibility of colonists to push for individual rights and religious freedom. The radical events and acts in Connecticut rapidly increased the spread of the Great Awakening, informed the people of their responsibilities, and brought upon rights in America that became the basis for American society. The Great Awakening in Connecticut became a leading catalyst for the creation of independent philosophy in America, an act to strive for the freedom of religious expressions, and the start of the Revolutionary War.
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