Put An End To Animal Testing

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Imagine an animal in a cage waiting to be tested on. How does the animal feel? Stressed? Scared? Afraid? Fearful? Yes to all the above. There are several reasons why animal testing should be banned. There are multiple alternatives to animal testing. What applies to animals may not apply to humans. Lastly, stressed animal’s changes the data from experiments in unpredictable ways. Yes, I believe that animal testing for scientific research is cruel and should be banned. Certain things that apply to animals in labs may not apply to humans. According to the article “The Long Fight Against Animal Testing”. “There is also a problem with information gleaned from animals in labs. What applies to mice, dogs, monkeys or rabbits may not necessarily apply to humans. Our physiology is sufficiently different to invalidate most cures devised by animal experimentation.” (Tatchell). So, why use animal experimentation if it’s invalid? Even if it works on all animals, it might not work on a single person. In fact, while HIV is deadly to humans, it’s not for most laboratory animals (Tatchell). Also, it might make the person ill or it could even be potentially fatal. Then the first people that use the product will suffer. So why risk it? Also from an economic aspect, if people found out that people suffered from your product then more and more people wouldn’t use your product. Since what may pertain to animals may not pertain to humans, scientists should not use animal experimentation. Stressed animal’s causes data to change in uncertain ways. As stated in “Why Animal Experimentation Doesn’t Work -- Reason 1: Stressed Animals Yield P... ... middle of paper ... ...ects laboratory animals and humans are different. So what has a positive effect on the laboratory animal could have a negative effect on a human. Also, distressed animals cause animal experiment results to vary. The results become inaccurate. They’re are many different alternatives to animal testing such as computer- based systems that are up to par with using animals. So it’s not like using animals is your only option. Works Cited Tatchell, Peter. "The Long Fight Against Animal Testing."Guardian. 23 07 2009: n. page. Web. 17 Dec. 2013. . "Why Animal Experimentation Doesn't Work-Reason 1: Stressed Animals Yield Poor Data." Huffington Post 31 07 2013, n. pag. Web. 17 Dec. 2013. . “Call for More Money to Research Alternatives to Animal Testing” European Union News 22 Nov. 2013. Infotrac Newsstand. Web. 17 Dec. 2013.
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