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Pushups are not only easy exercises that could be performed anywhere, anytime, but it is an exercise that boosts metabolism to provide you the maximum benefits. Essentially an all-body exercise, it helps in strengthening the arms, shoulder, chest, core muscles and the legs. Thus pushups are efficient exercises when it comes to weight loss and toning the muscles of the body. However if they are performed without using the right techniques they do not produce the desired results but may land you with some serious injuries. Thus it becomes imperative that you learn the right techniques of performing pushups with a personal trainer.

The right posture

There are various interesting types of pushups that you could execute for the benefit of the different parts of the body. However, it is important for you to master the techniques of the basic pushups to be in a position to do the advanced forms of pushups. The cardinal fact that you should be aware of while performing the pushups is that you should maintain your posture akin to your standing position to get the best results.

Basic tips for performing pushups

The basic advice offered by the personal trainer when you commence the pushup is to keep your body, particularly the back rigid throughout the time you do the pushups. This helps you to maintain the right posture for pushups. Secondly you are advised to push your hands through the floor instead of pushing your body up, to generate better power every time you repeat the exercise.

Ideas for enhancing your chest and triceps

To workout on improving your chest the position you got to do the pushups is by keeping your arms wide apart. The chest must also touch the floor as you complete your motion of the exercise. And similarly t...

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...parts of the body. Reverse pushups, pushups with single legs and clapping as you in an elevated position help you in gaining strength as well as balance. Another popular method of effective advanced pushup is to do the exercise by adding weights on to your body. This helps you to stretch your body to its extreme limits of endurances. But the pushups with weights are performed always in a measured way with periods of rest between the pushups.

Thus you could learn from your personal trainer the right posture to be maintained for pushups, the different techniques for strengthening the various parts of the body and even how to do more pushups and lose weight. You could also get rid of the myths about pushups like a sore muscle being the harbinger for gaining muscle. Finally you could get dietary appraisals from him for successfully and effectively performing pushups.

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