Pursuit Of Power In Julius Caesar

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Some people just have a lust for control and power. That was the case for Julius Caesar, who’s ambition for power ultimately ended in his assassination. It’s always pretty clear in history books that those who gain too much power never holds on to it for a long time. The name Julius Caesar nowadays brings an image of a great leader who led Rome to glory. Julius Caesar’s rise to supreme leader was swift and quickly alarmed those in the Senate, fearing he had to much of it. All these worries of the Senate grew as he declared himself dictator. It wasn’t long before his comrades formed a plan to assassinate him. His assignation was the result of having too much power and a fearful Senate who couldn’t fathom one man having all the power. Though…show more content…
He came to power using his image as a populares, which essentially was a born patrician. His family background only made him feel the need to be involve in politics. Through his own family ties with well respected higher members of society he was able to make a smooth entrance in the world of politics. From the very start of his political career he was appealing to the citizens of Rome. He oozed of charisma and through the victories of his military expeditions he quickly rosed in political rankings, Caesar organized what was the first triumvirate. This was an alliance was made with Crassus, Magnus, and Caesar. Through this partnership the Roman provinces were divided up between each other. However the triumvirate started to crumble with death of Caesar’s daughter who was to be married to Pompey. The triumvirate officially ended when Crassus was killed in war. It was after this Caesar started to really establish his control for ultimate power. During this time Caesar was charged with treason and ordered to return to the capital to face his accusers. However Caesar had other plans, he decided to come back but with an army with him. With his army, Caesar crossed the Rubicon River where he fought Pompey. Caesar was able to defeat Pompey who was forced to flee to Egypt. Soon Caesar found himself to being leader of Rome be making unprecedented political
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