Pursuing a Career in a Bad Economy

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Pursuing a career in a bad economy isn’t easy. You see, I want to be in anime, a form of Japanese cartoons. I’ve wanted to do this ever since I was in third grade when I found out what it was. I’ve been finding out what I need to do ever since but information does not come easy. Finding a company to by my idea is not the hard part it’s getting stared in in an economy that is as bad as it is. MY RESEARCH ON THE ECONOMY During this project I learned that there were many causes of the recession of 2008. One of them was a sudden rise in oil prices. Oil is used in powering most of the world’s transportation devices and generators. Although oil is a non-renewable resource we still used it in mass amounts. When Iraq, a major distributor of oil for the world, could not keep up with the demand due to some internal issues with the country many countries suffered. This caused a shortage of oil and a rise in prices. Another cause was poor loaning with banks. Banks were loaning out money to just about anyone who asked for it. Many people could not pay these loans that they asked for and received. Knowing that some people could not pay back their loans the bank still loaned out money to many of these people. This made the banks lose money and many shut down or got bought out. The last cause that I found was that our dollar had gone weak due to imports. Exports make your dollar weak while imports make it stronger in this case the US did to many imports and not enough exports to balance it out. Due to the US doing mostly imports during the years 2007-08 we were not making as much money as we could have. This made us lose many and should buy as many imports. This caused a shortage of many goods and made their prices increase. HOW TO LIVE IN THIS NEW ECONOMY Although there are many issues we have learned to deal with them though many strategies. One strategy used is living within your means. By this I mean buying what you needs for you and/or your family. This means buying things like food, clothes (cheap clothes from places like Goodwill), paying bills first, and furniture for your house.
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