Pursuing The American Dream

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The American Dream, defined by Lori Davis, was the idea, “that every man had the opportunity, through his or her own work, to own land and succeed without barriers.” This idea was achievable for many, in the earliest days of the nation because of how high the wages and how easier it was to get a garanteed job. However, as time went on, this dream became more and more difficult to achieve. Now, in this day and age, the American Dream has disappeared and become a myth, due to factors destroying these possibilities, such as increasing gaps between the higher classes and lower classes, and an economy that seems to be attacking everyone but the rich right now. America, back in its youth, was known for being a nation full of waiting opportunities…show more content…
Black states that “only the top ten percent of households have seen economic gains.” In other words, the rich are thriving while the rest are struggling. This is another factor that contributes to the blocking of those who wish to pursue the American Dream. The way the economy is, those who struggle can’t seem to ever get out of the predicament they are in and the problems only continue in an endless loop. It’s this endless cycle that makes people not want to take any risks or put in more effort. How can one ever achieve the end goal if hard work and everything else they do to attempt to get out of this rut end up in failure? Those who believe the American Dream still exists are right to argue that hard work and education can lead to a better life, but they are over exaggerate when they say that everyone can achieve the dream. Everyone has a limit to what they can and can’t do, and sure there are things that can help improve those limits, such as having connections and education, but a vast majority of people don’t have these ‘opportunities’ that this nation claims to…show more content…
Although whether one believes the American Dream is still around or not seems trivial, it in fact plays a role in today’s concerns of our economy, political stances, and other problems. However the real question is this, how can this nation move toward progress as a whole if we choose to ignore the problems currently plaguing us right
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