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Essay pursuing tDPT In today’s world, where technology is advancing in all domains, it is important to keep yourself updated with the latest researches and statistics. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly and exponentially. As a foreign-educated licensed physical therapist, I have always felt the thirst of gaining evidence-based knowledge while working in the field. The constant interaction with patients with different conditions and urge to provide quality care has always challenged me. I firmly desire to become a strong contributor to the society and be counted among the top professionals in my area of expertise. I yearn to compete with myself, since this is the only way to attain more and achieve better. As a clinician, I have realized that my knowledge is limited to the research from when I completed my bachelors in physical therapy. Time to time, I involved myself in learning through CEUs but most of them were only concentrated to certain topics. Hence, my quench remained unfinished. My goal to pursue the transitional DPT (tDPT) originated when I got to know about the opportunity where a foreign-educated practicing therapist can acquire knowledge of current…show more content…
It lays the groundwork for core competency courses such as pharmacology, radiology, differential diagnosis, medical screening and many more which are an integral part while conducting an in-depth evaluation of an individual. It also includes teaching methods and health promotion courses that can promote leadership and business skills in an individual who wants to start private practice. A tDPT program is a unique program that enables clinicians to augment their knowledge and skill-set by sharing their daily clinical experiences, which along with the standard course education prepares them to enhance their

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