Pursuing Nursing: Why I Want To Become A Nurse

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Christina Feist-Heilmeier, RN, beautifully explains what all nurses feel when they are called to their career: “Every nurse was drawn to nursing because of a desire to care, to serve, or to help." I deeply relate to her statement. The idea that I could change somebody’s life is incredibly enticing. Nursing is not easy, but it is not made to be. It is a hard path to follow, but the outcome is beautiful. It is messy, unglamorous, emotionally draining, but it is worth it. The branch of medicine I want to enter handles surgeries on a daily basis. Since I am a natural caregiver, I have decided to set on a path to become a nurse, beginning my education at Germanna, and hopefully transferring to UVA to finish my education. Becoming a nurse will…show more content…
I always used to tell my grandmother that I would take care of her when she got older. I guess some things are simply meant to be. Pursuing nursing has already been a wild ride for me. I have started taking courses such as human anatomy and will be beginning a psychology course in the second semester. Since taking human anatomy, I have found a genuine passion for health care. The way Mrs. Jones explains the natural phenomena of the body has made me realize just how amazing the human systems truly are. My anatomy teacher has not only inspired my career path, but she has also pushed me on a personal level. She has inspired me to be great and to never settle for less than I am. That is important in nursing. A nurse can not be doubtful. They have to reach for new success every day and strive to be better than they were the day before. My personality type helps with that aspect of nursing. I found out, with the help of the Myers-Briggs test, that my personality is a perfect match for any branch of healthcare. According to the website,, I am considered an ¨ISFP¨. This means that I am an introverted, sensitive, feeling, and perceptive person. While I can think logically, nursing requires grace, patience, and a lot of understanding. The caring nature of my personality type will certainly help me the most. Unlike a “ESTJ”, I would be able to get in touch with the mind…show more content…
Germanna Community College has a wonderful nursing program. I had been interested in the program since I was a sophomore, but I was still unsure whether or not nursing was for me. Becoming an RN only takes an associates degree. I will, however, need to attend Germanna for one additional year to complete prerequisites for the program, and to apply to the program itself. Along with the nursing courses, I will have to take biology and human anatomy courses. The prerequisites would basically occupy my freshman year of college. From Germanna, I am also looking to transfer to A four year institution to finish out my education ad obtain my BSN. While I am not sure what four year institution I will attend after community college, I have been having regular visits with a Mr. Johnson, the career counselor, to make to best plans for my
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