Pursuing My Ph.D. Degree in Programming and Systems Management

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The commonest question that senior students like me get asked these days is likely to be “What is your career goal?” I’m not embarrassed to tell that I wish to be remembered in history books as a prominent computer scientist like Richard Hamming. This is my life goal and it definitely requires outstanding researches. In addition, I have a natural thirst for new techniques and enjoy the excitement brought by technology advancement. However, neither my necessity of research skill nor my insatiable appetite for knowledge is satisfied by undergraduate education. So here I am applying for a Ph.D. degree.

In the first year, I majored in Information Management & Information System, which is a combination of information techniques and business administrations. However, only the technical parts of my courses could attract me and I particularly enjoyed the process of solving coding problems. I knew from the bottom of my heart that what matters most to me is the freedom to pursue what I love. So I changed my major to Computer Science at the beginning of the second year. Generally speaking, it ...

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