Pursuing A Career In Nursing Essay

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Pursuing a career in adult nursing is a challenge I am willing to embrace. There are many rewarding aspects such as the benefits associated which come with feeling as though you have made a difference to someone’s life, big or small. The overall accomplishments would keep me passionate and striving to want to do my upmost throughout my career. I hope to excel within this university by completing a BSc honours degree eventually allowing me to work within the healthcare system. Over the years I have become accustomed to looking after and caring for others especially coming from a large family. Having had a terminally ill sister and diabetic mother, such challenges have motivated me to pursue a career in nursing. Having seen my sister experience certain difficulties, it made me determined to want to get involved in healthcare and make a genuine difference to people's lives. From my own personal experience, I was inspired by the nursing care and treatment she received. This made me aware of the impact of illnesses on families and also of the various different support systems and organi...
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