Pursuing A Bachelor Degree In Architecture

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Elias Chua Yee Kah // Personal Statement elieyears@gmail.com +6013 8929983

Property has always left me mesmerized. From an aesthetic point of view, I never fail to be amazed by the massive breadth of building styles. Even with an architectural design background, my interest in property goes beyond an appreciation for exquisite architecture. I am also captivated by the pivotal role played by property in the economy, whether in the form of property investment, the residential market, or commercial property development.

After completing my foundation programme in Natural & Built Environment, I went on to study a bachelor degree in architecture at Taylor’s University. The course gave me a preview of the construction industry but I would like to expand my knowledge in the construction industry beyond design, innovation and technology. I have always had a deeper interest in urban architecture and projects of larger scale. Throughout my bachelor studies, I have developed a strong foundation in innovative thinking and problem solving. By taking up this postgraduate degree, I b...

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