Purposes for which ICT is used in EDS

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Purposes for which ICT is used in EDS

The organisation, which I will be describing on the purposes of which

they use ICT, is called EDS. EDS is situated in Milton Keynes. EDS was

founded and set-up in 1962 and it is the leading global information

technology services company. EDS stands for Electronic Data Systems.

EDS has approximately 137,000 workers in 60 countries and about 12,000

workers worldwide. This is about 200 workers, which work part time,

and 11,800 workers who work full-time. In this essay I will describe

the purposes in which this organisation uses ICT.

This organisation relates to many branches around the UK and other

countries, this includes the Operating System Support, which is a

department, which helps for the system they, use which is windows and

the see if it has any problems and they fix it straight away, a

Telecomms Department, this provides the telephones and the connection

lines, which enables them to speak to customers and other people

around the world, they also have a quality assurance department, which

is a department to check that their products are at excellent

condition and at good quality.

The person I interviewed was my uncle and I interviewed him by sending

him my questionnaire and I left him to fill it out and he sent it back

with the results.

Their core business is to provide and sell documents to other

different EDS companies around the world and the UK too. They also

provide support and knowledge to EDS companies by selling their

manuals and documents.

What this organisation and company do is they provide IT services to

the Government sector and also to the Private sector. These IT

services include Consultancy, which is a person providing professional

advice also to outsource services, which means to get goods by a

contract from an outside source. Also they have computer services and

telecommunication services. A telecommunication service is

communicating over a distance using cable, telegraph, a telephone or


The ways that this business uses ICT is to provide computer solutions
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