Purposes for Which ICT is Used

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The organisation I will be reviewing is called UCI cinema, which is a

Local Telford Branch. This organisation has 60 staff in total; there

are 24 full-time workers and 36 part-time workers. This organisation

has over 5000 customers per week.

This organisation has aims in which to be a better cinema, the aims

are to provide a good experience for their customers and also to make

their cinema a good quality place to come to. Their last aim is to

make a profit, which means to add money on top of their good and they

make extra money, which the organisation keeps.

This organisation has needs in which to help them out to be a

successful cinema and an unbeaten organisation. Their needs are to

provide a fast, efficient and a flexible sales service. Additionally

to provide a good selection of stocks and goods such as films, food

and soft drinks. Another need is to be able to monitor budgets and to

see how money flows. Lastly, to communicate well with customers,

suppliers and head office.

This organisation has a purpose in which ICT is used. They use it for

communication, which is sending an email so the Cinema management can

contact Head Office in Manchester. Email is also used to arrange the

film schedule by contacting the distributors in London. Orders for

retails and other supplies are produced by word processor, which is

then sent by email. Letters are word processed for customers and

special events, then sent to their emails so they receive it and know

what to do the next day or next appointment. The telephones are used

to allow credit card booking for the customers, so they don't come to

the cinema to do it.

However, this organisation also uses ICT for information too. They use

a database system, like a spreadsheet, which they store sales details

to provide the organisations performance information. Lastly another

purpose, for which ICT is used, is for functional purposes, which

would improve their organization and make them successful.
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