Purposes And Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

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Chapter 4 – Purposes and Benefits of Social Media Marketing

“Social media will help you build up the loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.”
— Bonnie Sainsbury
Several top businesses in this new era of advertising subscribe to social media marketing since it corresponds to cost-effective marketing solutions. Foremost, the tools used widely in social media marketing are free, not to mention about their user-friendliness, as opposed to other promotional tools.
Furthermore, the following are the other central purposes and benefits of integrating social media marketing in their business strategies, with each item devoted to an in-depth discussion in entirely separate sections:
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Generally, these guerrilla marketing methods and non-conformist strategies are the implementations of social media creativity, user empowerment or community participation, and goodwill relationships rather than the traditional huge advertising budgets to realize the various marketing objectives.
At present, every marketer like you is equipped fully with highly effective and efficient online communication tools, which enable you to acquire similar extents of influence that several big corporations have exclusively possessed before. The marketing arena is now already a level playing field, and social media marketing is the great game changer in the kingdom of marketing.
Prior to learning the purposes and benefits of social media marketing, it would also be noteworthy to study some important statistics of the efforts and commitments of social media users, as compiled from various credible global marketing agency sources (HubSpot, WordStream, SocialMediaExaminer, Ambassador, etc.). The common denominator manifests theoretical analyses, which imply to the apparent existence of the vast gains, assistance, usefulness, and potentials that social media marketing offers.
 9 out of 10 or 94% of social media marketers worldwide affirmed that they apply social media for marketing
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Alternatively, they will be either reading comments or reviews about it, or simply ignoring them all. Hence, this implies enhancing your inbound marketing tactics.
Through social media marketing, it can increase consumers’ awareness of your brand by extending (the duration for its visibility/exposure) and expanding (the reach of demographic and geographic target markets) with its online presence. This means that it would be extremely important for you to measure the effects of social media marketing on your brand awareness programs through using social media metrics.
According to social media marketing specialists, you should be taking into account three major social media metrics in the context of the lead generation or sales funnel, when evaluating measurements for brand awareness. These metrics are social media engagement, influence, and exposure. The lead generation or sales funnel (refer to Image-9) shows the traditional flow of the ROI from the created programs of brand
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