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Everyone has a purpose in life, some people might have to take a few guesses at it, but hopefully they will find it. If they don’t find it they will go to purgatory, which is the place people whom have died and haven’t fulfilled their purpose in life. Most of us, fortunately, get lucky and don’t have to do as much guessing or looking as others and can start going after their purpose in life early like a head start. Myself, I think my purpose in life is to help and serve the people of my great nation to the best of my ability. This is the reason I have chosen the careers that are available, a Physical Education teacher and Construction company owner. Ulysses was one of those lucky ones that had two choices in his old age, go out and adventure more or sit on the couch and wait for death. At the end of Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s poem “Ulysses” there are a few questions; what is Ulysses purpose, his feelings towards aging, and his attitude towards aging.

In Ulysses earlier years he wasn’t the type of king to just sit and give orders, he isn’t the same way as an aged man, he goes out ...
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