Purple Hibiscus by Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie

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Chidimanmanda Ngozi Adichie is a Nigerian author, her first ever novel Purple Hibiscus was criticised for addressing the important issues of postcolonial studies such as violence against women and brutal feminism. Alice Walker is an American author as well as a poet, her bestselling novel The Colour Purple was firmly criticised on showing the severity of feminist injustice
Feminism is a movement defining the equality and rights for women. Feminism opens potential meaning in these novels as it creates a gateway for the females who are victimised to speak up and to portray their feelings and situations which arise in the novels for the women to vindicate themselves and earn their freedom from the men that surround them. Points such as male domination, marital status and infidelity, the occupations of a woman and redemption and empowerment will help to convey the important meanings through female criticisms in the novels.

Walker’s novel The Colour Purple deals with male dominance as a norm in the country. She exposes the act of sexual aggression as being the main form of male domination. The character of Celie is a perfect example of this point. She is shown in the novel as a weak. She does everything the men surrounding her tell her to do therefore she is taken advantage of many times. She deals with bullying and domination in her family, her Pa rapes her twice when she is only fourteen years old. Alphonso beats and rapes her then later on decides to sell her to Mr._ without any acknowledgement of Celie’s feelings. Celie deals with rape with her husband also who sees her as an object to take care of their household and please him. Celie is too afraid to stand up for herself as she thinks fighting back will be the death of her....

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