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Punk is not always a political statement, but it does give off a controversial vibe because of the ways it is expressed. Punk does protest the norm of society and government, but being seen as a political statement or issue isn’t the only objective of punk or punk rockers; it is an act of expression. Punk is given a reputation as careless and individualized and because of this, the government feels threatened and so do the people society who do not encourage it. Although punk has many definitions, many of them encompassing the word “political”, it has other objectives and intentions besides threatening and corrupting the people of a society. Punk is an ideology that looks to protest the norms, but also protect the individuals. By pushing the limits or protesting, new things can emerge and people can see change while protecting the freedom of expression or personalization. This meaning pushes the limits of what is seen as provocative and as a lifestyle or music genre. Punk allows the person to express…show more content…
They speak their feelings and minds on stage or to the public, forcing political opinions, and barriers are formed and insulted. For example, punk or the “new wave” is often associated with Rock Against Racism (RAR) which is an organization that was formed countering a drunk outbreak by Eric Clapton, on stage in 1976, that was seeking to fight racism and white nationalist groups. This is obviously something political that is associated with punk in a positive way. It showed how rock music and music in general can unite, under one common issue, to fight for something they believe in. RAR participants including pop, reggae, punk, and rock bands themed their concerts and tours to an anti-racism subject in order to influence and discourage the youth culture and generation from supporting

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