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This course presents an advantageous position to participate in a service learning activity. The assignment requires our class to generate an issue campaign on campus carry and its particular policies at the University of Texas at Arlington. As a public university, UTA must abide by the Senate Bill 11, which went into effect on August 1st. However, the community at UTA, especially the populous student demographic, are generally unaware about the the nuances and projected enforcement of the law. During this fall semester, we will carry out the dissemination of this information to students through tactics that build upon the previous work of the campus carry committee. This is a pivoting opportunity to promote awareness and, hopefully, prevent any ruinous situations in our community’s future. So far, we’ve met with members of the campus carry committee and discussed the issue and the foundation to which our campaign will be carried out. Lynn Waters, Vice President John Hall, and Officer Lumaux explained their understanding of the law, the reasoning behind their tactics and the key messages they would like seen in our campaign. Personally, before attending this class, I avoided informing myself on UTA’s campus carry policies. I didn’t agree with the passing of the bill and, admittedly, the emails sent by the university were too dense to capture my full attention. I understand now that regardless of our personally beliefs, the law is in place and must be understood in order to secure our safety. The project has an influence on my individual life and the lives of my peers, which is not something I take lightly. My personal strengths are reliability and organization. In the last service learning project I participated in, I was secon... ... middle of paper ... ...d recently learned our role. Therefore, I will try to be a reliable and producing member of our agency and our agenda. Academically, I strive to really understand issue campaigns. I don’t recall studying it as in-depth as other campaigns in my previous PR classes. There is a possibility that I could encounter a similar campaign in my future career endeavors, so understanding it from the hands-on perspective this class provides is compelling. Going through the actual process of promoting an issue, especially from our required standpoint of neutrality will help me fully comprehend this type of campaign. It may help my future coworkers or employers that I carried out this project. Knowledge from experience is the best form of knowledge. I hope to extend learning about issue campaigns even further by giving my full participation in this service learning assignment.

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