Public Transportation In The Philippines Case Study

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Improving Public Utility Vehicles in the Philippines

1.1 Public Utility Vehicle in the Philippines
Public transportation in the Philippines is not quite good because it is dirty, unmanageable and poorly road services. Dirty, because some PUVs are very messy, the tickets are all on the floor and in chairs too in buses. Jeepneys sometimes people do not pay whether is cheap to ride and people did not want the air that they breathe because is it polluted and taxis sometime crashes that they should have a proper training first before driving as well as the other PUV driver too and some PUVs just park along the way so that is why there is an always traffic, (Manila 3rd worst city for driving, 2012). Quismundo (2013) explains that Philippine Airlines also said that it is the world’s worst terminal because many people believed that they have incomplete like the terminal should have more seats. There are always delay flights so that people need to wait longer again, and it is said that there are poor signage that they cannot understand and the quality of services and comfortability are not good.

1.2 Problems if Taking Public Utility Vehicles in the Philippines
The effects of taking public transportation in the Philippines are that passengers becoming late, wasted gasoline/crude oil and air pollution. Chanco (2013) indicates that there are lots of effects of traffic in Manila. Passengers know that it traffics on Mondays to Fridays especially on Mondays because there is a rush hour. Gasoline nowadays are pretty expensive and becoming more expensive than before and it will roll back just a little bit and just be wasted because of traffic jams. When they are stuck on traffic especially people who ar...

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...vehicles. They might say any bad things on why it needs to improve if the fare will be increase, why it needs improvement if it is still working and why they should make it advance or high-tech if they did not know how to use and many more bad compliments will come. Asuelo (2013) tells that improve the train service first before increase the fare so that people deserve the service.

Lack of supplies for making roads because they don’t have enough money to make. Some government officials should do something to do the real purpose of the money that sent to them so that it will lead to good things; it means improvement will go to. People sometimes or often see under-construction roads that lead to a massive traffic and maybe they didn’t pay the laborer so that’s why they didn’t finish on what they do and the lack of supplies that brought to them to fix it.

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