Public Shaming

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With incarceration costs becoming high there are new alternatives rising, one of the most popular being public shaming. Public shaming should not be considered appropriate for any offense that can result in a short jail term. Public shaming can do so much emotional damage to someone, and no one should feel such incredible humiliation or self hatred. People who endure public shaming cannot bear to live with themselves sometimes that it could lead them to do something irrational. Public shaming at times is not even a punishment for some, if someone does a crime they should also do the time. Public shaming can comes with serious consequences if given to the wrong person and if given to others it is just a slap on the wrist. Crimes should be taken seriously and so should the punishments. People should go to jail or do community service based on what they have done, they should not be let go so easily.
The court system seems to think that by using public shaming a criminal will not do the crime again. In some cases that may work but in other cases the criminal will continue to do crimes. Public shaming will not solve any of the issues in society that creates criminal nor will it decrease crime rates. Criminals will not stop committing crimes because they are put to shame in the public eye. In fact criminals who are shamed in the public will probably commit more crimes now that they are labeled as criminals. That is how society works today, people are labeled for what they have done. No matter how hard one tries to become a better person or what one does to redeem himself, he will still be what society labels him as. So if a person were to be labeled a criminal he would only commit more crimes because that is what society expects of hi...

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... service that relates to the crime they committed. She gives examples such as a drunk driver being sentenced to help with road accidents to have them see what really happens that they do not know about. This is a much greater and reasonable punishment because people will actually learn from their wrongdoings. Doing volunteer work can help better the person and get them on the right track.
Public shaming is much more than just a punishment for people, they either learn nothing from it or hate themselves because if it. It should not be considered appropriate under any circumstances. A crime is a crime no matter how big or how small, people should do the time for what they did. They should not be placed in public and made a fool of. They should be placed somewhere where they can learn from their mistakes and get the help they need to better themselves as a human being.
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