Public Schools Should Teach Sexual Education

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I feel that it is very important to incorporate sexual education into the public school districts. Many of our youth, are becoming more aware of their sexuality at early ages. With our adolescents maturing physically quicker than the generations before them, but remaining mentally immature. It is our job, as parents and teachers to work together in order to enlighten our next generation of world leaders, child care workers, teachers, parents, etc in the importance of sex and protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

I am aware that many parents would feel that the school would be overstepping because such things are a personal matter. However, sexual education is now, and has been a very open and misunderstood topic for many years. Schools are separate from church, so reasons such as religious beliefs can be quickly dismissed with an impersonal notion while remaining respectful. The fact is that teachers, aides, school employees are helping parents raise their children and as educators, they should be allowed to teach sexual education. The act of intercourse, oral sex, how babies are made and much more including STDs is a very real reality and should be given the same respect, understanding, and time taught to our students as History class.

Teaching sex in school is more than biology, it is more than understanding that the penis goes into the vagina. The act of sex is intense, emotional, life changing and for a female the first time can be very painful. All that the boys in school know is that the penis goes into the vagina. A classroom environment that teaches facts-the how to, why, and everything including abstinence would bring awareness to this widely hushed about topic. Boys/men need to understand how ha...

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...s. Shows such as, Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries with half-dressed high school women(girls) and ridiculously sexy men (boys). Their passion and drama filled lives leaves the viewers with much to want and of course they seek this out to fill their mundane lives. “American television, both programming and advertising, are highly sexualized in their content. Each year, children and adolescents view 14 000 sexual references, innuendos, and jokes, of which less than 170 will deal with abstinence, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, or pregnancy” Our kids are already watching this on TV so why not counter what has been made public by teaching truth.

There’s a disconnect somewhere. Someone’s not getting the message. We need to find out why and help our kids be more responsible, and that is why I feel that public schools should teach sexual education.
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