Public Schools Should Implement a Strict Dress Code, Ban Cell Phones, and Separate Students by Gender

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Over the years safety has gone down and violence has gone up in the public school system. The public school system should lower the violence in their schools by implementing a strict dress code, banning students from having a cell phones on campus , separate students by sex, as well as looking more into the background of teachers that they employ. In today society it is all over the news how students and teachers are constantly wreaking havoc because of facebook, fighting because of what someone said in their status, or messaged them on facebook This is due to the generation of students that has emerged, they are more concerned with who is dating who, who is wearing what, and what such and such said on one of the most popular websites Everyone in high school wants to know who is dating who. It seems like the school come alive when a new couple emerges and everyone has something to say about it. Rather it is a cheerleader dating one of the guys on the football team, or if there is a majorette/dancer dating one of the guys on the basketball team. No matter who it is the whole school will be buzzing about it. This is something that will continue to disrupt the educational process. Schools should be separated by sex that would eliminate the aspect of everyone worried about who is dating who. With schools separated by sex no one will see the ‘ostentatious entrance’ made by the new found couple and the school won’t be bustling about them and disrupting the educational process. There is something about the sight of someone an individual is crushing on that takes their attention away from what they are doing. The person will sit there and daydream about being in a relationship with that someone in some cases they will ... ... middle of paper ... ... Tour, T. M. (2009, November 15). Teachers Fight Over Man In Front Of Students. Latest Articles. Retrieved December 6, 2009, from Wilde, M. (n.d.). Do Uniforms Make Schools Better? - Defining your ideal school | GreatSchools. GreatSchools - Public and Private School Ratings, Reviews and Parent Community. Retrieved December 6, 2009, from Limbos, Mary Ann P., and Carri Casteel. "Schools and neighborhoods: organizational and environmental factors associated with crime in secondary schools." Journal of School Health 78.10 (2008): 539+. General OneFile. Web. 6 Dec. 2009. .

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