Public School Vs. Public Schools

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There are many other options for education other than public schools. One of the most popular alternatives to public school is the private school followed by charter and magnet schools. These schools are better than public schools because they have a safer environment and they give the child a better education. The environment is better because of the emphasis on discipline. "Private School Review’ states that as a condition of enrollment, private schools require incoming students to show they 've read and understood the conduct code. The actual method of discipline depends on the contract terms, although many private schools impose zero-tolerance policies for such major behavioral offenses as cheating, stealing or substance abuse. Flouting these policies means immediate expulsion unlike in public school systems (Heibutzki).” These schools also let the student more autonomy. “They can tailor their programs to the needs of the community, rather than adhering to state or national guidelines. Also, they can teach in more innovative ways than traditional public schools. Although charter schools technically accept every student within their area of coverage, they sometimes will hold a lottery if the number of interested students exceeds the available slots (Watson).” Possibly the biggest advantage of these schools is the smaller class sizes, which gives the student individual attention, which leads to higher academic achievement. The higher standard these schools put on their students is a big part of why they are academically better that public schools. For example, “according to the U.S. Department of Education study private schools required an average of 3.1 years of math and 1.5 years of foreign languages, versus 2.7 and 0.5 years... ... middle of paper ... ...c school aren’t helping very many children to a bright future instead they are ruining their love and curiosity of learning. Homeschooling, however, wonderfully prepares children for the future and teaches them to enjoy learning. In a survey conducted by Dr. Gary Knowles, a University of Michigan Assistant Professor of Education, he interviewed more than 50 adults who had been homeschooled as children. “He found that nearly two-thirds of the adults he surveyed who had been homeschooled owned businesses. Socially, 2/3 of the adults surveyed were married, and none were unemployed or on welfare. Also, more than 75% felt homeschooling had helped them learn to interact with others as an adult.” If you want to prepare your child well for life, then you should consider homeschooling or if you can 't do that then at least consider enrolling them in private or charter school.

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