Public Relations Overview Of McDonalds

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McDonald's is the world's leading food service retailer with more than 30,000 restaurants in 118 countries serving 46 million customers each day. It is one of the most well-known and valuable brands and holds a leading share in the globally branded quick service restaurant segment of the informal eating-out market in virtually every country in which it does business. Problems Faced By McDonalds And The Public Opinion Of McDonalds For many years, McDonalds enjoyed worldwide success built on a few well-known, highly standard conditions. The company with the Golden Arches served a simple menu- hamburgers, French fries, and milkshakes or soft drinks. The food was priced low, its quality was consistent, and it was served speedily from establishments that all looked alike and were extremely clean. However in recent years, McDonalds has seen its growth rate slow down and its dominant market position slip. There are various reasons for this. The main reason is the several allegations made against them by environmentalist and health experts. These allegations are: Destruction Of Rain Forests McDonalds sells beef. Many beef suppliers get their beef from Central and South American countries. These cattle farms are usually placed on rainforest land that had been cut and cleared. The poor soil of the rainforest can only sustain life (grain for the cattle to fed upon) for up to a decade (although the mean is 2 years). The beef suppliers must move their farms every few years and consequently destroy more rainforest. Rarely does the forest re-grow, even if replanted. 70% of the moisture that makes a rainforest a "rain" forest originates from the transpiration of the leaves on the vegetation. Once that vegetation is removed for a few years and... ... middle of paper ... ...dvertising. They took a new approach towards advertising. Instead of advertising on network TV they focused on outdoor advertising. They made the single largest purchase in the history of advertising when it purchased 20,000 billboards to reach consumers on the road and within minutes of a purchase decision. McDonalds used the concept of market fragmentation, which is the identification of smaller and smaller market segments. They not only expanded their variety of burgers, but also test-marketed fish-and-chips, fried chicken, pizza, and carryout groceries. Bibliography Fundamentals of Marketing (10th Edition) by William J. Stenton, Michael. J. Etzel, Bruce. J. Walker. (Pages: 41-42, 48, 56, 104, 115, 116, 130, 169, 171, 243, 265, 299, 458)
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