Public Policy Topic: Health Care

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Through the decades there have been many public policy topics in our society that have a very large impact on the county as whole. They are reasons why American have either prospered and have been set back into recessions. Health is one of the most talked about public policy topics. Health care is topic that affects local and state governments for many reasons. First of all, health care is insurance for people that are injured or ill. Each county has their own type of health care. There are many different types of health care organizations that are offered to people all over the world. Some of these organizations include: the health maintenance group, provider group, and a proposal that combines aspects from both the health maintenance group and the provider group. The most important type of health care insurance is a universal health plan. Universal health care is what will eventually save Americans a large amount of money and it will also guarantee that every American is insured. The number of uninsured citizens has grown to be above 40 million people. Health care is becoming unaffordable and we can eliminate wasteful inadequacies. A centralized national database can be established to make life easier for doctors, and medical professionals will only have to worry about the patience and not who’s paying for the medication for people. There are many people today who do not like the idea of universal health care and refuse to get it. America is known for having the best medical physicians and people are afraid that it will change drastically if we all share one universal health care plan. Also, if the insurance were to decrease in the universal health plan then taxes should skyrocket and therefore the money that is being saved will end up being used for taxes. According to “Should the Government Provide Free Universal Healthcare for All Americans?” Joe Messerli says that “The government must pay for this somehow” (Messerli). I agree with this because the government will need the money to fund for this universal health care plan. In a Universal health the patient can be responsible for some cost at the time of the consumption but the majority of the cost is covered by compulsory insurance and tax revenues. To provide health care services for the entire country requires a lot of funding that other governments acquire by taxation and also maybe from premiums for some of compulsory health insurance required of all citizens.
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