Public Health Personal Statement

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The study of public health includes a wide range of fields to choose from. I mainly want to focus on environmental health, which I believe is the most important field in public health. Environmental health is a very important aspect of the sciences. Globally, nearly 25% of all deaths and total disease burden is mostly associated with environmental factors. In the long run, it can affect human health. The main reason why I want to enroll in the MPH program is my interest in understanding how these environmental factors affect human health, ultimately leading to many diseases and disorders. I need a career that helps a large number of people, emphasizing prevention and primary care rather than tertiary care, and would potentially continually challenge and motivate me to improve. A MPH-Environmental Health degree is the right choice for me. I became interested in science, especially public health, when I started working for my father's friend who is a pediatrician. He was able to help me find my passion and drive to pursue a career in the sciences. My initial interest was to major in finance during my undergraduate career at Susquehanna University. But that perspective changed once I worked under the supervision of my father's friend. He taught me to love children and have a positive outlook on helping them lead a better life with less risk of…show more content…
What if abandoning unnecessary procedures saved thousands of dollars, as well as allowing hospitals to treat other patients who need care? What if we created a new way to prevent heart attacks from environmental factors? Most individuals do not get this opportunity to pursue a master's degree after college but I would be grateful to be able to continue my master’s program at Adelphi
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